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The Fourth meeting of the Steering Committee, Vienna, 27 November 2018

The Fourth meeting of the SEEIIST Steering Committee was held at the premises of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna on 27 November 2018.

For the first time the SEEIIST SC Meeting had an Open session, attended by representatives of the IAEA, the European Commission DG RTD, CERN, FAIR-GSI and the TIARA Consortium. This was a great opportunity to present the present status of the SEEIIST project, bringing up-to-date all the relevant International Organizations and Institutions.

An important outcome of the meeting was appointment of Dr. Horst Wenninger as the coordinator of the SEEIIST Preparatory Group.

Agenda of the 4th meeting

Presentations from the Open session:

Welcome address:
Mr. Dazhu Yang, Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, IAEA
Mr. Aldo Malavasi, Head of the Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications, IAEA

Presentation of the coordinator, Dr. Horst Wenninger

Joint presentation by the representatives of the IAEA:

Presentation by Dr. Ales Fiala, EC DG RTD, Research Infrastructures

Oral presentation by Prof. Christoph Schaefer, Department for Int. relations, CERN

TIARA activities,  Dr. Roy Aleksan, the chair of TIARA consortium

Preparation of the Marrie Currie Initial Training Network,  Prof. Manjit Dosanjh, CERN:

WG2 -SEEIIST and Research & Training opportunities at FAIR/GSI, Dr. Pradeep Ghosh, FAIR