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Beam physicist

The successful candidate will participate to the design of advanced solutions for medical accelerators, as part ofthe activities of the SEEIIST Association within the European program HITRIplus.

The objectives of the “Advanced accelerator and gantry design” work package in HITRIplus include the study of solutions to improve the performance of existing accelerators (injection, extraction and beam transport), and the development of the design of a compact and innovative Superconducting (SC) magnet synchrotron and gantry.

The components and the full synchrotron design will aim at increasing the beam intensity up to 10-20 times the reference of European medical facilities, to allow faster irradiation and new dose delivery modalities for research and treatment.

The position is limited for 6 months, starting 01.09.2022.

Tasks and Responsibilities

 The Beam Physicist will work on several tasks associated with the “Advanced accelerator and gantry design” activities, according to the needs of the project and his/her area of expertise.

These include:

• Definition of an appropriate lattice for a SC synchrotron, including particle tracking for long-term stability.

• Beam optics modelling of the strongly curved SC magnets for the synchrotron and the gantry and definition of the field quality requirements, in collaboration with the magnets expert. 

• Conceptual design of the advanced multi-turninjection scheme and of slow extraction, for a synchrotron with resistive magnets and for the SC-magnets version.

• Identification of specific requirements and challenges in operation due to switching between therapy and research operation modes.

• Definition of improved layouts of the transport lines to the experimental and clinical treatment areas.

The person will integrate a joint CERN-SEEIIST team, based at CERN, and will work under the responsibility of the SEEIIST coordinator. 


• University degree and PhD in physics, engineering, or relevant disciplines.

• At least 5 years experience in Accelerator Physics and proven expertise in at least one of the area listed above.

• Experience in optics design and magnetic modelling, including familiarity with the specific software.

• Fluency in Python and other tools.

• Experience or interest in the medical field.

• Ability and willingness to learn and to share knowledge.

• Strong interpersonal and technical communication skills.

 How to apply

For the application it is needed to submit a CV and requirements related documents.

Deadline for the application is 2022 June 10. You may apply via email


The SEEIIST Association is announcing an ad for remote part-time job position:

PR and Marketing Expert at SEEIIST

PR and Marketing Expert at SEEIIST will manage SEEIIST marketing activities supporting achievement of the SEEIIST’s overall objectives and annual work program. As support to the SEEIIST Association the part-time jobholder will be responsible for aligning operational marketing and PR activities across member of the SEEIIST. The jobholder will be accountable and report to the CEO of SEEIIST Association.

The position is limited for one year, starting 01.01.2022.

Tasks and Responsibilities

 PR and Marketing Expert at SEEIIST will support overall plan of core marketing activities. Under the supervision of the CEO, the Expert will drive marketing and other PR operations and processes necessary to shape the SEEIIST’s current and future partnerships. In particular, the tasks of the PR and Marketing Expert at SEEIIST will include the following:

International Marketing Activities.Develops and implements international marketing plans for the organization. Stays abreast of changes of the organization and adjust plans accordingly. Ensures that The South East European International Institute for Sustainable Technologies (SEEIIST) milestones are met and adhering to approved budgets. Adapting existing marketing materials for international advertising and promotions. SEEIIST marketing executive handle a institute's marketing interests abroad.

Strong PR and Communication Activities. Overseeing the creation of new materials for marketing campaigns abroad. Conducting competitive intelligence analysis in international markets. Handling public relations in international markets. Identifying marketing automation tools that work in different languages and in different regions.

Research Activities Researching. SEE market trends in specific nations. Identifying opportunities in international markets. Administering and supervising the development of plans, strategies and other tools. Doing the duties and tasks of in felds of education, sustainable development of society and scientific excellence.

Fundraising. Establishing and maintaining useful partnerships in foreign nations. Developing cross-culturally appropriate social media messaging. This can include creating and launching promotions that are regionally or culturally appropriate, as well as identifying new chances and determining which will generate the most success and additional funds to the organization.

Strong Digital Marketing Approach. Customizing digital marketing approaches for SEE region and countries. Development of powerful digital network with focus on high performance computing and big data handling.

Internal Marketing & Event Management. Promoting the SEEIIST plans, programs and advertizing the crusades and other promotional activities of the organization. Formulating documents on the study and examination of various internal marketing crusades held within the organization. Developing various advertising reports, presentations, data write ups, accounts and written materials on the products and services of the organization. Assisting the sta‑ and personnel in promoting the initiatives. Strong interantional event management activities and initiatives.

Other Responsibilities. Generating new idea leads. Keeping informed of marketing strategies and trends. Promoting our brand at trade shows and major industry-related events. Help and support to the Communication Officer.


University degree in marketing, economy or business administration. A PhD degree in a relevant field will be advantageous.

  • At least 10 years' experience as a professional marketing manager, of which at leas a year in the field of marketing in health and medicine projects
  • Extensive knowledge of marketing strategies, channels, and branding
  • Superb leadership, communication, and collaboration abilities
  • Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong time management and organizational abilities
  • Proven marketing relevant networks in the SEE

How to apply

For the application it is needed to submit a CV,  requirement related documents, and a proposal for an action plan reflecting the tasks and responsibilities.

Deadline for the application is December 26th. You may apply via email