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BERN, SWITZERLAND, September 13-15. The high-level event A Science Diplomacy Roadmap for South East Europe – The Example of SEEIIST was organized by the SEEIIST Steering Committee and Swiss Federal Department for Foreign Affairs (FDFA).

The aim of the conference was to summarise the status of the SEEIIST project initiative and to outline the next steps for the project realisation under the guiding principle of “Science for Peace”. Politicians from the SEEIIST countries at government level participated as well as representatives from the European Commission and the leading research partners. The representatives of the contries pledged their commitment and full support towards the realization of SEEIIST.

Our partners European Commission, DG for Research and Innovation, EC, Central European Initiative (CEI), CERN, ICTP, PSI, CNAO, ENLIGH, TERA and TIARA expressed the support in their declarations.

As next important steps, the legal implementation of the SEEIIST Institute and the determination of the location of the SEEIIST facility were agreed and put on the agenda for the next project phase.

Switzerland declared its readiness to organize and coordinate the work on establishment of the legal framework and constitution of the SEEIIST and to supervise all activities for development of requirements for infrastructure site and procedure for site selection.

The importance of the project for the Western Balkans and its inclusion in the Western Balkans infrastructure road map was outlined.

An agreement to develop further the collaboration between SEEIIST and PSI in the field of proton therapy was reached. A Collaboration agreement between SEEIIST Association and PSI will be prepared and signed in the next months.