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Summary of Basic Concepts for two options of the SEEIIST

The summary of basic concepts for both options of the South-East Europe International Institute for Sustainable Technologies – SEEIIST has been prepared and will be presented at the Scientific Forum, which takes place on 25-26 January 2018 in Trieste.
The summary represents a sort of a business plan and contains the main technical parameters of the project, time-frame, investment costs, as well as operating costs.

The authors of the introductory notes are the Minister of Science Dr. Sanja Damjanović and Professor Herwig Schopper, the creator of the Initiative and former Director General of CERN.

The authors of the basic concept for the first option of the Institute, i.e. the 4th generation Synchrotron Radiation Light Source, are the members of the international commission chaired by Dr. Dieter Einfeld, former Technical Director of SESAME and ALBA project, while the commission that authored the basic concept for the second option of the Institute, i.e. Facility for Tumour Hadron Therapy and Biomedical Research, is chaired by Prof. Ugo Amaldi, Founder and President of the TERA Foundation. The authors are renowned international experts who prepared the basic concepts and the summary on a voluntary basis.

The prepared concept has been sponsored by the Ministry of Science of Montenegro.