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Meeting of radiologists and oncologists of South East Europe

SEE Meeting on South East European Regional Network for Radiotherapy and Oncology, organized by the Clinical Centre of Montenegro in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, took place on 7-8 September 2018, at the Verde Complex Hotel (Donja Gorica) in Podgorica. The topic of the meeting, which was attended by the directors of the oncology centres from the countries of the region, is the establishment of a network of radiologists and oncologists, which is one of the stages in the further development of the project of the South-East Europe International Institute for Sustainable Technologies.

In the introductory part of the conference, the attendees were addressed by the Director of the Clinical Centre, Dr. Jevto Eraković, and the Minister of Science of Montenegro and Chairperson of the SEEIIST Steering Committee, Dr. Sanja Damjanović.

The clinical network will allow radiologists and oncologists throughout the region to interact and establish contacts with colleagues in the Institute, as well as in other renowned European centres and hospitals, which will result in new protocols and comparative clinical trials. Furthermore, it should facilitate the consultation of physicians and the work of the oncology consulting bodies.

The establishment of the clinical network is particularly important in the context of the establishment of the International Institute, i.e. Hadron cancer therapy with biomedical research, while the very concept of the “Western Balkan Regional Network for Radiotherapy and Oncology” has recently been nominated within the framework of the Multi-beneficiary IPA 2019.