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It was very sad indeed that our dear Tea Glažar passed away on 25 January. In her capacity as a Vice-President and former President of the SEEIIST Association Board together with her role as a representative of Slovenia in the SEEIIST Steering Committee, she played key roles in the development of the SEEIIST Project starting practically from its roots. Between 2016 and 2019, Tea served as advisor to the Minister for International Relations and European Affairs at the Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. Later, she was the Secretary of the Science Division, Science Directorate at this Ministry. Among other roles, she was also a Vice-President of the COST Association, Delegate of Slovenia to the CERN Financial Committee and advisor for Slovenia to the CERN Council. Her rich experience, together with a number of senior roles she held within the field of international cooperation and European affairs thoroughly helped building the vision and moving SEEIIST towards a pan-European dimension. Apart from her professionalism, Tea was a wonderful person to cooperate with. Her strong intellectual impact, her great personality and her clear vision of importance of SEEIIST for the region of South East Europe reflected her dedication and helped overpassing many difficulties.

It is very saddened to accept that Tea passed away, suffering in fact from cancer. The old and new members of SEEIIST will always remember Teas role in pushing a breakthrough in technologies via SEEIIST to fight cancer. Her experience at SEEIIST, along with her trademark of good humour and calm approach, have been invaluable to many of us and will be greatly missed. She was known and respected for her strong will, assertiveness and matter-of-factness.

Dear Tea, we will miss you, you will be forever embedded in the history of SEEIIST. Thank you for all you did for SEEIIST and for our Region.


Author: Dr Sanja Damjanović