SEEIIST Association, Rue de Battoirs 7, c/o PKF Fiduciaire SA, 1205 Geneva Switzerland


Expression of interest for participation in the development and construction of the South-East European International Institute for Sustainable Technologies SEEIIST, the First Heavy Ion Cancer Treatment Research and Medical Center


This document certifies that the , represented by , expressed the interest to actively participate in the process of establishing SEEIIST, the First Heavy-Ion Cancer Treatment Research and Medical Center in the Region. The declares that with the pool of SEEIIST experts will provide all the required services for supporting the establishing process of the First Heavy Ion Cancer Treatment Research and Medical Centre and especially for:

1. Reviewing the regional industrial potential to contribute to the design, construction, and service implementation;
2. Offering and proposing identified know-how needed for center design, construction and running;
3. Raising national and international visibility of the SEEIIST;
4. Attracting future local industries, collaborating partners and branch network integration;

For SEEIIST Association:

Sanja Damjanovic
Herwig Schopper